le rosé 2020

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The color is salmon pink and the foam is creamy. On the nose, the aroma is reminiscent of crème brûlée, cranberry and wild strawberry. The mouth opens with an explosion of bubbles carried by a moderate acidity A touch of bitterness on the attack balances the slight perception of residual sugar and blends perfectly with the cranberry aroma.

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Effervescence to share and enjoy

Let your senses be charmed by Le Rosé 2020 which embodies, more than ever, the appeal of a summer rosé. Simple and accessible, this wine is synonymous with conviviality and merriment.

Le Rosé has been available at the SAQ since 2017, alongside Le Blanc. To align our offerings to the sparkling wines of Quebec, this vintage has a mainstream approach compared to our wines prepared using traditional methods, but is still true to the Bergeville approach. The high proportion of frontenac grapes, making its pleasant acidity more pronounced, is offset by a higher dosage making Le Rosé a pleasantly balanced wine.

Tasting & pairings

Perfect to serve outdoors, as an aperitif between friends. Enjoyable on its own or served with a cheese and charcuterie platter.

Drinking temperature: 11 °C

Can be stored and kept: up to 5 years

Notes from the winemaker

See-saw temperatures and spring frosts (compelling us to light fires to protect the vines) were followed by ideal summer conditions with mostly warm, dry and sunny days. Then a frost-susceptible September meant an ‘all hands on deck’ harvest as a quick succession of cold nights threatened the grapes furthest away from the wind tower. To make up for the lack of maturity of these grapes, we allowed the remaining fruit to ripen as much as possible.

When brought in from the fields, the grapes are subject to a direct pressing. Cold fermentation, on indigenous yeast and in stainless steel vats, preserve the wine’s freshness and fruity aroma. Sabrevois grapes normally bestow their vibrant color to Le Rosé but lost their pigmentation during the fermentation process, making this vintage paler than usual. The forming of bubbles during the second fermentation takes place using neutral yeast from a Champagne biodynamic vineyard and organic beet sugar. Le Rosé then matures on lees for a minimum of 15 months and is subjected to neither fining nor filtering. The lack of maturity of some grapes and the over-ripeness of others gives this vintage a unique and pleasing balance.

Technical specifications

Winemakeing : Traditional method
Grape content: 55 % frontenac gris, 25 % frontenac blanc, 7% acadie blanc, 7 % st-pépin, 2 % frontenac noir, 2 % radisson, 1 % sabrevois, 1 % pinots
Type : Brut
Dosage : 6 g/L
Degree of alcohol : 12,8 %
Format : 750 ml
Certified organic by Ecocert Canada
Certified IGP Vin du Québec by Ecocert Canada
Suitable for vegans



Using the traditional method, we have crafted these sparkling wines since our beginnings, improving each new vintage even more.  Those wines are the best example of Quebec`s inherent potential for bubblies.  Dynamic, crisp and unifying, they are the most obvious choice for all your cocktail needs.

le rosé 2020 - Domaine Bergeville

le rosé 2020

30.50 $taxes included

Out of stock