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  • parenthèse 2021 - Domaine Bergeville Out of Stock
    29.00 $taxes included

    In the glass, a cloudy ruby color glows with raspberry reflections. On the nose, a delicate note of raspberry followed by nuances of blackberry and cherry candy. A bitterness emerges in the attack, quickly enveloped by a foam and a persistent vivacity. It shines by its characteristic fruity reminiscent of sour raspberry to which is added a touch of peppermint.

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  • le rosé 2020 - Domaine Bergeville Out of Stock
    30.00 $taxes included

    The color is salmon pink and the foam is creamy. On the nose, the aroma is reminiscent of crème brûlée, cranberry and wild strawberry. The mouth opens with an explosion of bubbles carried by a moderate acidity. A touch of bitterness on the attack balances the slight perception of residual sugar and blends perfectly with the cranberry aroma.

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  • canonique 2020 - Domaine Bergeville Out of Stock
    34.00 $taxes included

    In the glass, the salmon-orange color is animated by a lively effervescence. On the nose, the aromas of candy cane sugar and, in the background, raspberry and red apple are expressed with finesse and straightforwardness. In the mouth, the sharp and lively attack is sublimated by a full and creamy foam. With an impressive bubble structure, the mouth delivers a subtle cranberry aroma. Ultimately, a precise and mineral finish follows on a fruity sensation evoking again ripe apples.

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