le blanc 2022

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In the glass, the pale yellow color reveals tenacious bubbles. The nose releases aromas of apples, honey and blood oranges. On the palate, bubbles are persistent and creamy, and aromas of pears, white peaches and roasted nuts blend together. The acidity is zesty, but well-balanced by the light dosage.



Nordicity at its best

Those who have followed our journey since its early days, will have shared in the progress of this flagship wine.

Le Blanc evolved alongside our growing understanding of our Appalachian highlands’ terroir and now embodies our expertise of winemaking in northern regions. A true representation of the intrinsic characteristics of our blends, Le Blanc is stimulating and vibrantly fruity. The high proportion of frontenac grapes and the limited ageing on lees (of no less than 12 months), makes its pleasant acidity more pronounced than our in our other traditional method wines.

Québec wines are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their growing availability. It was important to us to make sure all could enjoy our wines by offering a special vintage at an affordable price. That is mainly why a selection of Bergeville vintages have been on the SAQ shelves since 2017. To align our offerings to the sparkling wines of the region, we first proposed a classic vintage with slightly higher dosage but still true to the Bergeville approach. In 2021, we followed our hearts (and our expertise) and lowered the dosage to 4 g/L. Le Blanc then proudly became the official sparkling wine of the 100th birthday of the SAQ, under the pseudonym L’Effervescent. This truly confirmed its preminence for gatherings and celebrations.

Le Blanc is our homage to nordicity and the quintessential sparkling wine for all celebrations.

Tasting & pairings

A jubilant sparkling wine, Le Blanc is ideal as an aperitif. Its pleasant acidity counterbalances heavier foods such as fried calamari, tempura or rich tapas. One of our favourite pairings is as an accompaniment to a grilled white fish served with a citrus sauce, or eggs benedict for brunch.

Drinking temperature: 10°C

Can be stored and kept: up to 5 years

Notes from the winemaker

2022 was a fresh vintage. Maturity was reached nonetheless, and can be noticed by the pungency of the wine. This vintage, due to the cold season, is the incarnation of a nordic wine – 2022 was the perfect year to craft sparkling wines!

When brought in from the fields, the grapes are pressed directly. Cold fermentation, on indigenous yeast and in stainless steel vats, preserve the wine’s freshness and fruity aroma. The forming of bubbles during the second fermentation takes place using neutral yeast from a Champagne biodynamic vineyard and organic beet sugar. Le Blanc then matures on lees for a minimum of 15 months and is subjected to neither fining nor filtering.


Technical specifications

Winemaking : Traditional method
Grape content : 61 % vidal, 18 % seyval, 9 % acadie blanc, 6 % st-pépin, 6 % other grapes
Type : Brut
Dosage : 4 g/L
Degree of alcohol : 10 %
Format : 750 ml
Certified IGP Vin du Québec by Ecocert Canada
Suitable for vegans

2022 Tech Sheet
Previous Vintages



Using the traditional method, we have crafted these sparkling wines since our beginnings, improving each new vintage even more.  Those wines are the best example of Quebec`s inherent potential for bubblies.  Dynamic, crisp and unifying, they are the most obvious choice for all your cocktail needs.

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le blanc 2022 - Domaine Bergeville

le blanc 2022

31.00 $taxes included