l’intégrale invincible

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L’Intégrale special edition

Light straw-yellow color with a hint of silver. The aroma is reminiscent of green apples, peaches and honey with a soft floral undertone. The natural acidity of the grapes brings together tension and aromatic precision, while perfectly meshing with the wine’s character. The fine and exquisite bubbles fade slowly towards a mineral finish.


Special Edition : Invincible

It was there and it survived the impossible. The explosion of Sherbrooke’s Centre de Valorisation des Aliments, on 23rd March 2022, is now an intrinsic part of this wine’s life, as it is part of ours. It has been through the unimaginable and yet remains crisp and vibrant.

It showcases the symbiotic link between winegrower and wine, It showcases the symbiotic link between winegrower and wine, and the true resilience of both.

FInd out more about the Invincibles, the “lucky ones”

The sum of infinite degrees of care

This vintage is the embodiment of all our traditional method know-how. Since its inception in 2015, we have always used the best grapes from the best allotments for L’intégrale to which we bestow our greatest duty of care. Our quest for excellence led us to purchase our first cask in 2019, to improve this wine’s mid-palate. It is of such a caliber that it can now easily be compared to the crémants of Northern France. In calculus, intégrale means “an infinite sum of functions”. For us, L’intégrale is the sum of infinite degrees of care and it is unquestionably the most polished wine we produce.

Tasting & pairings

A perfect sparkling wine to accompany your meal, L’intégrale is elegant and versatile. Mineral hints make it an excellent companion to seafood like scallops in a citrus sauce or ceviche. Rich foods like hard cheeses or pan-fried foie gras are well counter-balanced by L’intégrale’s distinctive freshness.

Drinking temperature : 10 °C

Can be stored and kept : up to 5 years

Notes from the winemaker

When they are brought in from the fields, the grapes are directly pressed. Cold fermentation, on indigenous yeast and in stainless steel vats, preserve the wine’s freshness and fruity aroma. The forming of bubbles during the second fermentation takes place using neutral yeast from a Champagne biodynamic vineyard and organic beet sugar. L’intégrale then matures on lees for a minimum of 30 months and is subjected to neither fining nor filtering.

The introduction of wine aged for a period of 12 months in 500l neutral french oak casks give the mid-palate a pleasant finish and means that, for the first time, L’Intégrale is non-vintage as this addition surpasses 15%.

Technical specifications

Winemakeing : Traditional method
Grape content : 34,5% acadie blanc, 31% st-pépin, 24% frontenac blanc, 8.5% frontenac gris, 2% pinots (84% 2020 and 16% 2019 : 8% st-pépin, 5% acadie, 2% frontenac gris, 1% frontenac blanc) 
Type : Brut nature
Dosage : 0 g/L
Degree of alcohol : 13%
Format : 750 ml
Certified Organic by Ecocert Canada
Nature wine
Suitable for vegan

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Developed in partnership with restaurants, this range is a dream come true for sommeliers and wine enthusiasts alike as it is easily paired with various courses from appetizer to dessert. The traditional method used and the fact that no to very little dosage is added, ensure that L’intégrale heightens any gastronomical experience.

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l’intégrale invincible - Domaine Bergeville

l’intégrale invincible

40.00 $taxes included