Wine club - Domaine Bergeville

2023 Edition

Privileged access to exclusive micro-cuvées and an allocation of wines selected by the winemaker, is only the beginning of what we want to offer to the members of our wine club.  More importantly, it is the opportunity we have been waiting for to create meaningful moments with friends around a glass of sparkling wine. The club is for us a pretext to take the time to maintain close contact with you and engage in a dialogue on our wines and our practices. It is about immersing you in the intimate circle of the Bergeville family, by offering you experiences usually reserved to our small team of enthusiasts.  It is our chance to become your “family sparkling winegrower”. 



  • L'​Intégrale 2019 (exclusive - Invincible* magnum)
  • L'Exception 2020 (Invincible* edition)
  • Le Blanc 2021
  • Le Rosé 2021


  • Plus Petit Que 2022 (750 ml)
  • Colfo 2022  x 4
  • Canonique 2021
  • A priori 2021 (new, 1st traditional method 100 % vinifera - dosage to be determined by the club members)

Membership available in Quebec only. 

*Wines saved from the March 2022 explosion at the Centre de Valorisation des Aliments in Sherbrooke.

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