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In the glass, the slightly cloudy straw yellow color glows with a silver sheen. On the nose, delicate yeast aromas compliment the ripe pear, green apple and freshly squeezed lemon. Dry, lively and thirst-quenching, this sparkling wine vibrates to the rhythm of a fine and energetic effervescence. On the palate, this lively wine will express citrus notes for the final with a touch of bitterness.

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To your good health, planet earth!

Recycling glass bottles and greenhouse gas emissions while transporting our wines, are constant preoccupations for our winery.

Aluminium is a perfect answer to our environmental and quality requirements. Not only is it infinitely recyclable, it also requires very little energy to produce. Furthermore, the carbon footprint generated by deliveries is greatly reduced as aluminium weighs so little. And most importantly, aluminium maintains the integrity of the wine and its effervescence.

Colfo was the very first canned sparkling wine in Québec and its popularity proved that we are ready to embrace new environmentally friendly alternatives to the traditional glass bottles. Cheers! To your good health and to planet earth’s too!

Tasting & pairings

Ecologically sound, canned wine is also practical and ideal for picnics, to carry along on a walk, to pack with your fishing gear or to bring to a barbecue. Colfo is undoubtably a summer wine, in a perfect individual size (unless you want to share it, of course).

Drinking temperature : 10 °C
Can be stored and kept : up to 9 months from the date of canning

Notes from the winemaker

Uncommonly cold weather in the first part of the season meant a very early blocage (blocking), which expressed itself as a lower alcohol level in the wines. Luckily, however, it did not hinder the fruit’s phenological development. Maturity was reached nonetheless, and can be noticed by the pungency of the wine. Despite 598mm of rain and somber days lending their hue to the vintage, acidity remains moderate – perhaps thanks to the maturing of the vines and to the indigenous yeasts, as they both promote a sound malolactic conversion. In short, a true bubbly vintage.

Grapes are pressed directly as soon as they are picked, and then go through a low temperautre fermentation to preserve a maximum of fruit and crispness. Following a short maceration and a first alcoholic fermentation, the base wine is mixed with a starter made of base wine and organic beet sugar, and canned on the same day. The bubbles are formed during the second fermentation in the can. More fizzy than sparkling, it contains twice as less pressure than our traditional methods. We do not disgorge the Colfo, as it would be impossible to open the can to extract the lees and then close it again, as we do for sparkling wine in bottles. Indeed, Col Fondo, which means “with the bottom” in italian, is a reference to the lees that deposit on the bottom of the bottle (or can, in our specific case) at the end of the second fermentation. The wine is neither fined nor filtered.


Technical specifications

Winemaking : Second fermentation in the can, on lees
Grape content : 39% acadie blanc, 26% geisenheim, 13% vidal, 9% la crescent, 8% seyval, 4% ES-10-18-30, 1% frontenac gris
Type : brut nature (zero dosage)
Dosage : 0 g/L
Degree of alcohol : 9,8%
Format : 250 ml
Nature wine
Suitable for vegans

A of November 1st, 2023, a deposit fee of $ 0.10 is required on all 250 ml cans.

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Atelier Bergeville

The Québec terroir is perfect for bubbles. Our Atelier Bergeville range allows us to blend grapes harvested across the province to create exciting sparkling wines. We explore the untapped potential of various regions and use our creativity to celebrate québecois winemaking.

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colfo 2022 - Domaine Bergeville

colfo 2022

9.60 $taxes included

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